dishonored bill

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22 last year, where they allegedly grilled the three over a 260,000-yen dishonored bill.
We find that increases in yield spreads and the dishonored bills ratio, whether driven by increases in business risk or lowered expectations among investors about the future of the Korean economy, had effects that extended well beyond shifts in simple precautionary and speculative demands for the won.
The dishonored bills ratio was relatively low until the crisis, but then rose nearly sevenfold over the next three months.
Increases in the dishonored bills ratio itself may also signal a riskier climate for conducting business and a rise in the cost of credit intermediation, and we would in this case expect increases in the ratio to affect real activity through the provision of credit.
Of course, business failures, as reflected in the dishonored bills ratio, could cause temporary resource misallocations as businesses take time to wind up their affairs.
where C is the corporate-government bond yield spread (SPR), the spread instrumented with the dishonored bills ratio (CCI [IV]), or the dishonored bills ratio itself (DBR).
where k is the lag order, Y is the log of real industrial production, M is the log of real money (M2) balances, and C is either the observed corporate--government yield spread or the dishonored bills ratio.
A reduction in dishonored bills resulting from contractions in credit among companies and corporations' conservative management to avoid default are among the main factors behind the decline in failures, it said in a report.
GMS' doubtful assets are booked mainly under Advances for Customers, Dishonored Bonds, and Dishonored Bills Receivables.
The decline in the number of failures is attributed mainly to ''a reduction in dishonored bills resulting from contractions in credit among companies as well as the effect of public financial assistance being extended to small and medium sized businesses,'' Teikoku Databank said.
traced the decline mainly to increased public financial support to small and medium-sized companies and decreased payments with bills that reduced dishonored bills and thereby kept possible failures from emerging.
The president of a dealer in kimono fabrics in Tokyo, 51, who created a new company before his old company was about to go under with dishonored bills, said, ''My company would surely go bankrupt unless I had talked to him (Iwai).