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However, I was still given a dishonourable discharge from the Royal Navy on the claim that my sole aim was to discredit their public image.
Too many of them self-evidently fib regularly and principled MPs - yes, there are some - will be tarred with the same brush as the Dishonourable Members for Cock-and-Bull Central.
If you do something sh*tty or dishonourable, it WILL come back to bite you in the bum.
THIS month marks the 40th anniversary of the dishonourable departure from the White House of Richard Nixon.
Please do not make us assemble like this without a proper proposal this is a dishonourable proposal and is insulting", said justice Khehar.
Dishonourable behaviour or just healthy 2013 opportunism?
Shahin pointed to a law passed jointly by the judicial authority and diplomatic corps, which prevents all those convicted of dishonourable crimes from holding public office, even if they are later considered to have been rehabilitated.
Is it dishonourable to say "Can't pay - won't pay"?
He said: "It would have been dishonest and dishonourable of me to suggest that we might find a little pot of money to address their concern.
London, Apr 22 (ANI): The British Government has been accused of dishonourable behaviour after nine Pakistanis out of 11 arrested in Easter terror raids were released without any charge.
The panel directed that Ms Dunning's name should be removed from the teaching register and said: "The sub-committee considered the conduct fell within the definition of being disgraceful and dishonourable in the eyes of competent teaching colleagues of good repute.
Dishonourable and devious - you bet, but I just can't help wondering what secrets they have been hiding.