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A dishonourable discharge, yes, I understand it just has to be.
Deferment of military service is a dishonourable crime; however we must be able to distinguish between different cases of deferment and the reasons behind them.
That is a very dishonourable way of proceeding," said Bunglawala.
Representatives of 8,000 rank-and-file officers in West Midlands Police slammed Ms Smith as "a dishonourable lady" last night and the federation nationally called for her immediate resignation.
Word at Westminster is that the aging, tall, lean, blonde UUP MP and wife of former Chief Constable John is a bit of a hit with leering peers and dishonourable members.
Verse 26 starts with "For this reason", and continues "God gave them up to dishonourable passions The dishonourable passions are not their own reason for being, but are permitted as a consequence of 'something else'.
The committee found dishonourable conduct established and, because the offence was very serious, that it would be inappropriate for Nizar's membership of the institute to continue.
However, I was still given a dishonourable discharge on the claim that my sole aim was to discredit the Navy's public image.
I KNOW of a dishonourable elderly Labour MP in North West England who tried to flog his seat for a peerage.
If you do something sh*tty or dishonourable, it WILL come back to bite you in the bum.
We recognise that, as a result of that failure, on reading the article, readers could have concluded that the Weirs were guilty of some wrongdoing or dishonourable conduct.
He said: "It would have been dishonest and dishonourable of me to suggest that we might find a little pot of money to address their concern.