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The winning ROI (if there is one) is to be confirmed by the Disillusion 2.
It's probably no coincidence that the name of Klein's narrator echoes that of Warren's--an aristocratic newspaperman named Jack Burden drawn into working for Willie Stark, the thinly disguised Huey Long character who propels Burden's own first-person account of political disillusion.
It ends invariably in bitter disillusion and collapse.
The pressure to produce programmes had led to disillusion, producing disengagement.
Boyer argues for a "baroque reading" of the novelle, that is, for a reading built on structural intricacies and on plays of illusion and disillusion.
The first was written in the brightness of the composer's youth, and the second was created at a much more somber time of maturity and disillusion.
He can't fathom who he is and his present is wracked by drugs, disillusion and every form of abuse.
At my darkest I think I am sparing her, because she is too lovely to disillusion with the irredeemable sadness of my air-tight conclusions.