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There is the man, in him and in these pages, who would be "the man of disillusion," only that he has never really been "the man of desires"; and who seems, therefore, to have a double weariness about him.
On D'Artagnan's lips there played one of those rare and melancholy smiles which seemed to emanate from the depth of his soul -- the last trace of youth and happiness that had survived life's disillusions.
Smith Rousselle reads these texts, which range from Jose Cadalso's Cartas marruecas (1789) to Miguel de Unamuno's Dos madres (1920), through their expressions of disillusion with the enormous social, political, and cultural changes occurring in Spain at the time of their composition.
to cause to stop having a mistaken belief that something is good, valuable, or true <Let me disillusion you about the myth of George Washington's wooden teeth.
examines the causes of this disillusion and defends the human capacity to know by analyzing alternatives offered by the work of Richard Rorty and Bernard Lonergan, who differ in some ways but agree that philosophy has relied too much on intuitionism.