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We are asking the many disillusioned and angry fans who have been staying away to come back on Sunday and turn the afternoon into the biggest protest Charlton has ever seen.
I know there is discontent because I have dinner with my family once or twice a week, they are all Evertonians and they all moan about what is happening there, some even refuse to go to the games under Martinez, that is how disillusioned they are and certainly the way the team are set-up.
MP Adam Afriyie - once tipped as a leadership challenger to Mr Cameron - said: "Many of our core supporters feel alienated and disillusioned.
Andrew Reid: said to be disillusioned with the sport
I thank God each day that I am nearing the end of my career as I would be a very disillusioned new grad and I feel for those coming through the ranks to take my place.
He has also been disillusioned because of Akhilesh government's slow inquiry against the corrupt ministers.
In the last few years, I have been feeling distressed to find that while the current mood of the people is against the present ruling party, they are simultaneously disillusioned with even the BJP," he said.
I HAVE to take issue with the disillusioned graduate who resents being managed by "a school leaver who skipped university" (Letters, March 31).
But he decided to start his own party after becoming disillusioned with the policies of the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems.
Summary: The PM has started Labour's election campaigning with an appeal to disillusioned voters to "take a second look" at his party.
Angry and disillusioned, she hooks up with a street couple, Lolli and Dave, who take her down into their subterranean world amid the dark, dank tunnels of the subway system where she meets Luis.