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Those five areas are incentives and disincentives, standards and measures, training, communication, and consistently appropriate top management behavior.
Commissions are not the only financial disincentive. Acquiring the information required to sell MSAs is an expense that many agents have apparently not chosen to pay.
On the environmental front, there will be growing support for tax incentives to reduce or avoid pollution, and tax disincentives aimed at those who create or increase pollution.
There has been no similar incentive for food production; in fact, there have actually been a host of economic disincentives.
The regulator earlier this week released the "Quality of Service of Broadband Service (Amendment) Regulations, 2012 (28 of 2012)" on financial disincentives. TRAI in its release says the "purpose of the regulations is to prescribe financial disincentives on the service providers for failure to meet the prescribed Quality of Service benchmarks of Broadband service."
* Trinity Saint David believes that fees must not be a disincentive for students thinking about higher education and is committed to supporting the best students
Tax disincentive costs: the loss of production because of the discouraging effect of taxes on investment and labor.
Nursing home operators who find this to be a disincentive may have to consider closing their existing facility, perhaps in return for part ownership of the hospital.
Bird said the plan removes the disincentive to work.
The Regulations seek to prescribe a financial disincentive on Broadband Service providers for non-compliance with the benchmark of the Quality of Service Parameters at a rate not exceeding Rs 50,000 per parameter for the first non-compliance and Rs 1,00,000 per parameter for subsequent noncompliance of the benchmarks.
"In cases where deviation is noticed by TRAI in the specified timelines by a service provider, a financial disincentive of Rs 5,000 will be levied for each contravention whereas in cases where contravention is established in rejection of porting request by a service provider, a financial disincentive of an amount of Rs.10,000 will be levied for each rejection."
The Mines Rescue Service should be treated in the same way as any other emergency service, and to meet its current funding crisis by requesting additional payments from mine operators alone could act as a disincentive to the coal mining industry, which we believe has a good future in Wales.