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But while he accepts that he will have to take steps to ensure that his players don't burn themselves out over the next fortnight, manager Kevin Wilkin is disinclined to take any rotation liberties against a side who, on paper, should prove easy meat.
In an economy and culture disinclined to value what isn't obviously functional, a church is a comfort, but also a contradiction, a challenge to waste time on God and live.
of Wales-Aberystwyth) comes to the support of Greek historian Herodotus in identifying the people of what is now southern Portugal and southwestern Spain as Celts, a position most modern scholars are disinclined to accept.
But Mayweather was disinclined to hint at who may be next on his list, saying only: "I have had two years off.
Although teachers have mixed opinions--both positive and negative--of research, teachers are by no means categorically disinclined to using educational research to improve their practice.
There has been no creche for events like Tamsin Little's workshop, likely to attract young families, and when I have approached the managers, they have been disinclined to make any responses to encourage using the hall.
While swimming and water-sports are a great way of keeping fit, heavily-chlorinated pools can leave many swimmers red-eyed and disinclined to do those extra lengths.
The aim of the game, set in the world of 007, is to encourage reading in disinclined schoolboys and help resolve the recently highlighted problem of a lowering in literacy standards.
When people feel they are unable to influence politicians they become disinclined to get involved and it is only the very determined who will apply themselves to the task of confronting the decision takers.
Scots are similarly disinclined towards Italy, who stopped them qualifying.
He suffers anxiety and is disinclined to do some of the things he was previously able to.
Sharp-eyed readers may note that we haven't assigned a specific numerical value to x (or, as the algebraically disinclined at the Prospect prefer to call it, "the shvitz factor").