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Cantel said that the Minncare HD is first water system disinfectant granted a medical device clearance for these applications.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 29, 2014-Neogen's DC&R and BioSentry BioPhene disinfectants proven effective against deadly pig virus PEDv
Green Hygenics says the potential of this EPA approved natural disinfectant product additive combined with its materials will make its proprietary wipes the only 100% natural disinfectant biodegradable wipe that with kill claims on bacteria under three minutes making it "hospital grade" and therefore a breakthrough in the industry.
5%Phenol was taken as standard disinfectant to which other disinfectants are compared and normal saline was used as negative control.
Tube method: This method evaluates disinfectants by inoculating dilutions of the disinfectant and determining the microbial reduction.
SWR: And you will be starting to use the disinfectant in South Florida--correct?
There are a number of things to consider when choosing a surface disinfectant.
Municipal water systems add disinfectant chemicals such as chlorine to the water.
Iodophors will be the next largest type, due to their broad spectrum germicidal activity, compatibility with a variety of cleaning formulations, and synergistic action in disinfectant blends containing more than one active ingredient or an active ingredient mixed with a commodity such as isopropanol.
Brevard and colleagues looked at data on disinfectant-related illnesses for 1993-1998 from two sources: the Toxic Exposure Surveillance System, maintained by a nationwide network of poison control centers, and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, which keeps detailed data on known and suspected acute poisoning cases, including those involving disinfectants.
While other classes of disinfectant cleaners kill pathogens, they can pose possible health concerns ranging from rashes to lung damage.