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To blame it on the credit crunch is a bit disingenuous.
JONATHAN Arnott is disingenuous in suggesting that Britain could leave the EU and still enjoy the benefits, such as access to the European market (Letter May 21 2008).
1 is a genius yet how disingenuous can he be, taking a pop at Murray after losing to him, saying he doesn't have the game to become a great.
Her story is intellectually disingenuous to all the good drivers (which most of us are) of the MTA.
An issue about hiding that hides real people and puts models in their place strikes me as disingenuous.
To say that rates have resulted in some of the problems they have faced is disingenuous.
I find the suggestion that such devices are extremely high tech and difficult to make somewhat disingenuous.
You are waiting in limbo with this crowd at the gate while the airline drip-feeds disingenuous information on how long you'll be stuck there and why.
To suggest, as Manton does, that the lead isotopic composition measurements show that the contamination is naturally derived is disingenuous and inconsistent with the extensive literature using lead isotopic compositions to characterize potential sources--natural and industrial--of lead in the biosphere (Cocoa Producers' Alliance 2004; National Research Council 1993).
It is simply not going to happen and raising expectations that it can be achieved is naive at best, or disingenuous at worst.
But blanket accusations that for-profits are inherently unable to serve educational needs are disingenuous.
In light of the earlier work, it may seem disingenuous for the artists to eliminate the first gallery themselves while implying that economics led to its disappearance.