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It is disingenuous because it's not based on any substance," Watt says.
Which is incredibly disingenuous, because last time I looked Nigella had a 25-inch waist and even if she does have curvy hips she's no bigger than a Size 14 which is my world is pretty damn skinny.
As an author and artist I was appalled by Dan O'Neill's disingenuous rationalizations for plagiarizing Disney ("Disney's War Against the Counterculture," December).
Don't gloss over bad news, he argues, because employees will hear the worst anyway, and will take euphemisms as the company simply being disingenuous or worse.
Bloomberg scoffed at the eleventh hour bid claiming it was disingenuous, but MSG said it is dead serious.
However, it would be highly disingenuous for Israeli, European or American architects and planners to celebrate and romanticize the built achievements of the European settlers of the 1930s in Tel Aviv, while overlooking and so condoning the ongoing systematic efforts of the Zionist project to negate, marginalize and destroy indigenous Palestinian culture.
City Councilman Van Tran, who came to southern California as a 10-year-old refugee, says the Vietnamese government's claims of friendship are disingenuous.
It's rather disingenuous," wailed House Speaker Pete Kott, R-Eagle River, "for them to complain to us in this way.
It seems disingenuous of Harper's Magazine not to have noted--apropos of Denis Donoghue's review of R.
Over the longer term, it looks disingenuous at best, and makes OEMs an easy target for political opportunists, or editorial writers for the New York Times and Washington Post.
One of the techniques of so-called viral marketing is to identify the "coolest" kids in a particular grade school, the ones other kids are likely to emulate, and distribute a new toy among them through the disingenuous format of a "marketing survey.
Accordingly, in its amicus brief in Mead, TEI takes issue with the government's citation of Correll, calling it "incorrect, disingenuous, and unpersuasive.