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However, he was, disillusioned to learn belatedly that senior administration insiders were disingenuously driving misinformation campaigns to manipulate American public opinion.
If he had added "a temporary" freeze, that would be one thing, but he disingenuously leaves out that critical word.
After the heats Lotte Friis had said, somewhat disingenuously it transpired, she did not believe she would beat the Briton.
Or will they, looking at the results, hedge their bets and disingenuously attribute their vacillation to Jewish settlements on the West Bank?
But the manner in which Buckmaster is responding to this pressure -- by disingenuously lashing out at competitors and caving to political pressure -- is inexcusable, and displays a remarkable lack of sound judgment," it said.
88 Minutes is nonsense from start to finish, coasting along on a series of ludicrous leaps of logic that screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson disingenuously passes off as twists.
Reich also disingenuously conflates consumers and the investing class.
l Jason the smiler, coming across like one of those annoying American fast-food diner waitresses who say, totally disingenuously, "Have a nice day
Crist's veto of the improvident $300,000 that had been targeted for the ill-begotten and disingenuously named "Florida Bar Preparation Project.
To soften us up, play starts off disingenuously as one of those self-congratulatory comedies about a slacker guy and the overachiever girlfriend who keeps nagging him to put away his videogames and grow up.
But its dishonest denials of the fact -- credulously believed by some and disingenuously accepted by others -- have helped stave off international action against it.