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Drafts of letters and diaries reveal the level of disingenuousness with which the collaborators treated one another, speaking glowingly about another's work in public, while privately holding negative views of that colleague's potential.
htm) "Politics and the English Language," is particularly relevant to the torrent of disingenuousness that spews out of the mouth of any government official when talking about PRISM.
Britons already doubt the integrity of their elected representatives; the prospect of MPs chasing after opinion polls does little to repel charges of cynicism and disingenuousness.
Such a suggestion can only, however, be disingenuousness, because one thing you will not be is bored.
One US website described her as a 'badass', while the New Yorker suggested President Barack Obama could take a lesson from her ability to "cut through the disingenuousness and feigned moral outrage of her opponent", the report added.
This equation of cynicism and realism--often the rhetorical self-defence of the accused cynic--relates to another set of synonyms: cunning, disingenuousness, manipulation, ulterior motive, where "ulterior" means "material" or "selfish.
This is the point at which the drugmaker took on an air of disingenuousness.
The council should either stop obstructing the Thandis, or be honest about the real reasons for not rebuilding the pub, because Kirklees' prevarication so far is based only on excuses, evasion and disingenuousness.
Fourth, My Life as a Spy raises powerful, thought-provoking political questions by addressing the disingenuousness of politicians, America's historical tendency to inflate the severity of Soviet threats, the Navy's weak security measures, the Department of Defense's longstanding practice of overclassifying records, and the matter of whether or not compromises of secret documents actually cause harm to national security.
To accuse an organization of prejudging individuals while demonstrating prejudice toward that same organization is disingenuousness verging on the point of farce.
He also sharply criticized the Western countries of disingenuousness and singled out the UN for failing to notice the "savageness" of the police crackdown during the riots.
Reviewing Remembering Who We Are (1985), the great historian-explicator of conservatism Russell Kirk exposes disingenuousness in none other than M.