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And as the events of the past three years reveal with terrible clarity, there are immense human costs to the foolishness and disingenuousness that have distinguished so many of Ban Ki-moon's remarks on Darfur.
UNAMID is not above the kind of disingenuousness that compromises any possible trust in them by the people of Darfur.
It is evident to us that the Board's actions shed further light on the dysfunction and disingenuousness of the Board and give stockholders no reason to believe that the Board is acting in their best interests.
Yet, Bill's patent disingenuousness pales in comparison with some of what we have been hearing from some of Massachusetts' finest over the state's new marijuana law.
IT is understandable that Group Captain Gordon Castle disagrees with Northumbria University Students' Union voting to exclude the Officer Training Corps from Freshers' Week (Voice of the North, October 27) However, the disingenuousness of his argument is revealed when he criticises the students' for their democratic decision and contrasts it to those serving in the Army "risking their lives to secure democracy in parts of the world where it is only a dream".
In fact, of course, saying "I suspect by that time I will simply retire" isn't at all the same as saying "I shall retire", so maybe there's an element of disingenuousness going on as well?
SIR - In continually accusing Plaid Cymru of plotting to associate with the Tories after the Assembly elections, Peter Hain and other Labour politicians have reached depths of negative campaigning, disingenuousness and hypocrisy hitherto unsurpassed even by Labour.
He contrasts, for example, nature's "sincerity" with the disingenuousness of fast-talking humans: "You can't use a glib skit and laugh track to joke a polar ice cap into not melting," he says.
Dear Editor, - After several bombing attempts in London, one cannot help but be open-mouthed at the continued disingenuousness of Prime Minister Blair who continues to fail to deal with these so-called Muslim clerics who are allowed to remain spewing hate in our midst, whilst drawing state benefits.
It would be cynical of me to detect a note of disingenuousness in this proud assertion of journalistic independence from government "pressure," but the tone of the BBC'S coverage of the war in Iraq and its aftermath makes it difficult to imagine that if Tony Blair had taken the line on the war of his fellow European leaders, Messrs.
It is tempting but, ultimately, profoundly harmful to succumb to the lure of injecting guilt, political correctness and accusations of disingenuousness and racism where they simply don't belong.
More likely than the fear of celibacy is the apparent disingenuousness of the demand.