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n. the act of disinheriting. (See: disinherit)

DISINHERITANCE. The act by which a person deprives his heir of an inheritance, who, without such act, would inherit.
     2. By the common law, any one may give his estate to a stranger, and thereby disinherit his heir apparent. Coop. Justin. 495. 7 East, Rep. 106.

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34) The rationale is that conditioning the bequest is something less than complete disinheritance and gives the beneficiary a choice to accept or reject the condition (and the property).
70) Rules of construction regarding irreconcilable language and the presumption against disinheritance are then discussed.
Depending upon the language and provisions used in a CST, older documents may result in the inadvertent disinheritance of the spouse or children.
already provides surviving spouses protection from disinheritance.
Discord and Disinheritance," Chapter nine, surveys a range of familial ties that were troubled or broken, divisions sometimes prompted by the contents of the will itself.
Regarding the disinheritance issue, one of the most important documents for parents to consider is a will.
133) To deny that nominal bequests qualify as negative wills because they lack express words of disinheritance is to ignore this idiomatic reality.
I'm interested in what's gone, the disinheritance, what I've been able to become or learn or fuse with or not fuse with.
Such crimes include rape, indecent assault, harassment, domestic violence, disinheritance and depriving women of their right to education.
The intimate violence on a slave woman's body and the subsequent disinheritance of both her and her son from their legitimate inheritance rights are integrally related with the desert experience and the cry for water of Hagar and Ishmael.
In fact, in all but one state the spouse is the only family member who receives legal protection from intentional disinheritance.
Then there was a divorce, a sudden death, disinheritance.