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For the milling of composite plastic scrap, different disintegrator mills were used [9].
Disintegrator milling enables milling with simultaneous separation of components of low toughness [11].
1) preliminary milling of reinforced acrylic strips with the experimental DSL-158 disintegrator in direct milling conditions (sieving, as used for separating the glass fibre from the milled material) or with the semi-industrial DSA-2 disintegrator in the conditions of multi-stage milling (powder samples for sieve analysis were taken and the percentage of the separated glass fibres was determined),
Also on show at the exhibition, was the new RA and RP series of angle disintegrators from Hosokawa Reitz.
Other features of the Model 200 and Model DS-200 disintegrators include a 2″ x 9″ feed opening, a new waste-evacuation/dust-collection system, and a new cabinet for quieter operation (80-85 dBA).
These new angle disintegrators are developed from the existing RD series of vertical hammer mills and incorporate fast cover opening and a stainless steel construction to facilitate easy cleaning with all moving parts accessible for inspection.
The Model 2 and Model 1012 Millenium/Premier Series Disintegrators from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, are designed to destroy virtually any bulk material.
Acting on management's instructions, Phil Baker, SSI's purchasing manager, began researching disintegrators capable of destroying the company's plastic phone, access control, and ID cards.
After testing several machines, Baker purchased the SEM Model 1012 disintegrator manufactured by Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts.
In addition, the use of particle-cut and crosscut shredders and disintegrators has spilled over into the commercial marketplace.
This is especially true in the defense contractor arena where strict EPA clean-air regulations have caused users to turn from incineration to crosscut shredders for their low-volume needs and to disintegrators for their centralized destruction requirements.
1925 National Disintegrator Systems 2031 National Information Security Co.

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