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Contract award notice: Essential funeral services in cases of indigence of the deceased, State of need of the family, Disinterest on the part of family members or in the case of a prevailing public interest in the performance of the funeral service within defined time periods.
Hadi said the campaign was a conspiracy to create apathy and disinterest among Muslim in the country towards politics and pave the way for 'others', including non-Muslims to then use the situation to their advantage and seize power through the elections.
The latest tactic by the boycotters is no longer to accuse loyal supporters, who only want to watch their football team play at Sixfields, of being stupid, selfish or unprincipled, but to feign boredom and disinterest and a falling out of love with their club of many years.
KPK issue should, would not be difficult whenever the need arose, but Sindh which was already difficult to redeem, gets worse due to total disinterest of party hierarchy.
The purpose of such an exercise is twofold: the juxtaposition will allow for a rereading of Conrad's novel and a re-evaluation of its philosophical exploration of disinterest.
Property, Education, and Identity in Late Eighteenth-Century Fiction: The Heroine of Disinterest, by Virginia H.
"There is also a sentiment of disinterest and many say it will have very little impact on their lives."
A LONG LINE OF PEOPLE waiting to enter a museum seems to be one highly appreciated measure of success for the institution, as if the time lost in the queue is a currency nourishing the museum, as if entering a museum entails an assumption of disinterest in time.
KARACHI, September 16, 2009 (Balochistan Times): President Asif Ali Zardari, who is also the co-chairperson of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has replaced the partys Karachi President, Senator Faisal Raza Abidi for his disinterest in party affairs, and alleged links with land mafia.
The British Resorts and Destinations Association (BRADA) has pulled the show, citing disinterest from resorts and the growth of TV talent shows.
Pages 2-16 provide a useful reading adding to our knowledge of the historical facts and events that enrich our understanding the foundation of such a powerful theory as the aesthetic disinterest that covered a large part of the modern Western aesthetic thought.
The company has announced that the Arctic Platinum Project in Finland has reverted back to the company following NAP's disinterest in the project.

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