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Free from bias, prejudice, or partiality.

A disinterested witness is one who has no interest in the case at bar, or matter in issue, and is legally competent to give testimony.

See: dispassionate, equitable, evenhanded, factual, impartial, judicial, just, neutral, objective, open-minded, perfunctory, phlegmatic, torpid, unbiased, unprejudiced
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The Delaware Supreme Court's resolution of these interlocutory appeals will provide much needed clarity on the issue of whether, under an entire fairness standard of review, exculpation under 102(b)(7) can be employed to dismiss disinterested directors at the motion to dismiss stage, or whether they must await a full review of the entire fairness of the transaction, which necessitates either a trial or costly discovery and a summary judgment motion.
Particular attention was given to the disinterested to better understand their expectations and preferences.
This strikingly disinterested account is made to the auspicious audience of a "high official on his tour.
The Company will seek disinterested shareholders approval of the Second Payment at its next AGM which is planned to be held in November 2013.
He believes that responsibility is disinterested when neither egoism nor altruism is presupposed or involved in any way.
A public man dealing with public business can never be 'charged' with being disinterested, as if it were a crime.
Award-winning reader Whitener provides an excellent, fully voiced presentation, portraying Connor Burke as the all-American hero, the detectives as serious but disinterested lawmen, and some Asians as scholars and others as evil.
It's a worrying trend that will result in a polarisation between a party political elite and a disinterested electorate.
Furthermore, a pretentious claim to disinterested objectivity is actually impoverishing, in that it strips away the riches peculiar to any given tradition in a search for some elusive highest common factor.
Brouwn's fastidious parsing of the distinctions between conventional mensuration, international irregularities, and the labile dimensions of his own body takes up--and sends up--the Conceptualist faith in disinterested systems, but this injection of subjectivity is ultimately less absorbing than its collateral effects.
The Court went on to note that in enacting these provisions Congress intended to "eliminate, or at least to expose, all conflicts of interest which might incline an investment adviser--consciously or unconsciously--to render advice which was not disinterested.
There must be adequate disclosure, with disinterested director approval in order to pass the procedural fairness test.

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