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Oloixarac gives her narrator freedom to comment on anything by the tonal illusion of disinterestedly commenting on everything.
Where a modernist might, for example, disinterestedly know visual art forms as an extension of "literacies", an improvising phenomenologist might instead want to know such forms on their own terms.
John introduced this brute as Bandito, who disinterestedly sniffed my pant leg, watered the truck tires, then looked around for something to fight.
The image his paintings conjure is that of the painter, alone in his studio, watching the world disinterestedly through a television screen.
One girl smacked her gum, dug through her bright blue purse, and glanced up disinterestedly as Boals and Whittle made their way in front of the kids.
Perhaps this is in part due to the view that, despite asking Ankara for support for Kyrgyzstan, the Turkish bureaucracy has behaved seemingly disinterestedly, not reflecting any of the political rhetoric heard about the Turkish world and its "peoples" from Ankara in the past.
Aaliya disinterestedly looked at her brother and said: "I do not like magic shows.
Although Michael Giffin says that Emma deludes herself into thinking she is doing good disinterestedly for others (155), Austen makes the opposite clear: we are merely betrayed by our own focus on Emma's faults into being blind to her virtues.
But by adding the touch of having the fop look disinterestedly through a monocle at a butterfly, Irvin conveyed the essence of The New Yorker-a slightly condescending but consummately tasteful arbiter of the larger world.
Lee's own rhetoric is anything but gladiatorial and remains studiously neutral and disinterestedly analytic, as he promised at the outset.
According to Jeffrey Meyers (170) "The only contemporary books he [Hemingway] disinterestedly praise were Cumming's The Enormous Room [.
The film shows us the old monument disinterestedly lording over trees and trenches and shaped like a pillared gazebo with a globe on top.
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