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The film shows us the old monument disinterestedly lording over trees and trenches and shaped like a pillared gazebo with a globe on top.
He admits that while he was able to tackle them disinterestedly, he started A Well-Rounded Life with an admiration of his subject, as he had supported the SDP from its formation, when it threatened to change the landscape of British politics, much like UKIP today.
Yeah, gotcha," I nodded disinterestedly while scanning bodies on the lawn.
25) "The obligation to act disinterestedly is often put as an obligation not to profit from the trust.
7) Only a power above the routine law can act rapidly, decisively, thoroughly, and disinterestedly enough to avert such an extinction event.
I mop the stairs, she does the floors and fill up the bucket with dirty water and gives it to me to dispose of it," he says disinterestedly.
In each of these options, Collins disinterestedly presents the views of supporters within each religious or secular group.
On the other hand, gorgeous physical specimens sometimes work so disinterestedly, so half-heartedly, that they disgust you.
I would add that the Urbana campus has also procured, for the past two academic years, a visiting Jewish-Israeli professor of Israel Studies whose position is by no means disinterestedly funded by the Schusterman Family Foundation and the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise(AICE).
He suggests that businessmen are heartless swine (Bounderby in Hard Times) or disinterestedly charitable (the Cheeryble brothers in Nicholas Nickleby).
While affirming realist truth claims, these philosophers possessed no conception of the intellect as a "neutral" faculty that could disinterestedly grasp all valid principles that no one, no matter what their character, education, upbringing, or moral habits, would contradict or ignore.
Thanks," I said disinterestedly, expecting the usual mixture of special offers from the Taj Mahal restaurant, bills and exhortations to "Adopt a puppy this Christmas".
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