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Free from bias, prejudice, or partiality.

A disinterested witness is one who has no interest in the case at bar, or matter in issue, and is legally competent to give testimony.

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It also challenges the "disinterestedness" associated with translators of sacred texts, unveiling decisions made by translators of the Bible into Arabic in negotiating Christian sacredness in the language of the Quran.
MR Jinnah's sagacity, penetrating intellect, rapid grasp of the most intricate problems and luminous insight coupled with calmness of temper and complete personal disinterestedness have enabled him to rise to that unique and pre-eminent position among the Mussalmans of India, which no other Muslim leader in recent years, however great his services, and however high his personal quality, has held among his fellow Muslims.
According to latest report, it is learnt that Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam has indicated his disinterestedness with the 'Rising Sun'.
His doubling of the image creates an expectation of disinterestedness, of a rational approach, yet this is countered by each work's painterly qualities--facture, gesture, flat color--which instead suggest the intuitive.
Keith Kloor worries about what happens to scientific disinterestedness in research areas such as climate change and endangered species where the public debate has become highly politicized.
However, the way in which he embarks on critiquing the 'impersonal' operational space of the 'modern' state characterized by an official 'disinterestedness' (1)--that, Bourdieu writes elsewhere, legitimizes the 'use of physical and symbolic violence over a definite territory and over the totality of the corresponding population'--is, in fact, very Bourdieuian.
Greed may get the better of the sentiments of loyalty and disinterestedness.
The anthology is organized into twelve parts, each dedicated to such topics as "Religion and literature," "Disinterestedness and liberalism," and "Print culture." Each section contains an opening explanatory note, excerpts from three or four previously published pieces, and an original capstone essay that responds to the selections in each group.
The disinterestedness associated with taste is, in the end, not disinterested at all but rather serves social interests by affirming hierarchical distinction.
To answer the question why it is easier to understand and accept Madlena Zepter's private operatic endowment when it is interpreted by people as an altruistic gift to society rather than an egoistic project of image self-creation, then the foregoing comments afford further reference to the gift theory which will be incorporated in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner in our interpretation through two, to use philosophical vocabulary, aporias of gift-giving phenomenon: first, through reciprocity (characterised by functionality, interest, referentiality); and second, through generosity (founded by non-functionality, disinterestedness, non-referentiality).
'We have appropriated too many Muslim countries for them [the Arabs] to have any real trust in our disinterestedness, and they are terribly afraid of an English occupation of Hijaz,' Lawrence wrote.

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