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Asked if this might mean Mr Sharpe will be disinterred, he added: "I don't want to speculate on what might happen.
The photograph of disinterred bones at Secundra Bagh Palace features a studied composition of a white horse, four men, and an array of the skeletal remains of several human beings, set against a neoclassical ruin that has seen recent shelling.
Union dead, like Evans, would have been initially buried in a marked grave then disinterred to go home or be reburied in the National Cemetery.
The terrorists also disinterred the shrine of the prophet companion Hujr Ibn Adi in Adra area in Damascus Countryside.
There is a precedent - Napoleon, who died in 1821, was disinterred from St Helena and returned to France in state in 1840.
Sikorski's body was disinterred from a cemetery in Newark, England, in 1993 for reburial in pomp in Krakow, but was exhumed once more in 2008 for further examination to sound out a theory that he had been poisoned, shot or strangled.
The ablated limbs were buried then disinterred and reburied at the time of the amputee's death so the amputee could be whole for eternal life.
The trail petered out, and yet an aura of mystery hung over this haunted orchard--and the ghosts of a forgotten past begged to be disinterred.
Most Japanese believe cremation is needed to release the body's spirit, so it is likely many of those being buried may be disinterred at a later date so full funeral rites can be performed.
In the introduction, he notes the number of graves that have been lost or disinterred over the centuries, speculating on how many people still lie beneath the city streets.
of Iraq, how they lay out each disinterred nest of femurs & ribs
Despite plans not to disturb the graves, a backhoe disinterred thousands of human bones in the process.