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I say you cannot disjoin the `ontologies' of selves and artworks, because, like language and action, artworks are the culturally apt utterances of culturally formed selves (ourselves).
as already noted, disjoins events by severing any causal connection between intoxication and subsequent violence except under the most rigorous evidentiary circumstances.
To disjoin the two events, would be like attending a wedding party while the neighbors are mourning the loss of a dear one.
Here is a joining disjoin of history and fiction, with history's fortunes unfolding downstream, and downpage:
Pointing the finger at a man joined at the hip to his brother, she said: "I have a feeling that he has an internal anomaly that allows his conjoining twin to disjoin.
On the one hand it would not lend itself to any plan 'which had even the appearance of an intention to disjoin from European Spain its American dominions'.
to a series of striking lines or distichs, each of which absorbing the whole attention of the reader to itself disjoins it from its context, and makes it a separate whole, instead of an harmonizing part" (2:14).
While racial differentiation at the centre is imbricated in class differentiation through colonialism, the stratification of colonial subject formation in both developing and developed societal orders disjoins race and class in ways that render a Euro-American race consciousness meaningless (Cherniavsky, 2006: 13).
Do you mean to say that, having once served as an individuating and progressive force, capitalism now disjoins society through the omnipotence of the market?
They get big bonuses and other people don't or their friends get things and other people don't and that disjoins remorse from power and they have to be turned out.