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n]) be a sequence of closed disjoined sets in [a, b].
charity), and are characterized by disjoined efforts and duplication and lack of coordination.
Freephone PHIL NEVILLE believes Everton are still on the verge of great things despite their disjoined campaign - and wants a win against Wigan to continue erasing the negativity that has hampered the club since January.
In general, few treat mitigation and adaptation as involving morally distinct categories of action or overall climate-related burdens as dependent on the allocation of resources between them, with equity- and/or responsibility-based burden allocation typically disjoined from specific mitigation or adaptation goals.
Or are those silver sounds disjoined at last, / Thy seaside names of Millie and Macgill?
He is proposing cutting off all Israeli links with the besieged strip, which is already physically disjoined from the West Bank and is home to more than 1.
All of the three main strands of law and literature scholarship--law in literature, law as literature and the legal regulation of literature--are represented in this issue, the purpose of which is to promote, in a South African context, pedagogy and research directed towards a blending of two fields that have until recently "been programmatically disjoined by each discipline's self-regard" (Weisberg 1999: 47).
Past and present and future are not disjoined but joined.
39) "God and the world are the contrasted opposites in terms of which Creativity achieves its supreme task of transforming disjoined multiplicity, with its diversities in opposition, into concrescent unity, with its diversities in contrast (Whitehead, Process and Reality 348).
Assume that (-[pi], [pi]) can be divided in three disjoined subsets [[DELTA].
Competition and natural selection among disjoined cells within a tissue compartment, such as might occur in the breast's terminal ductal lobular unit, for example, are the engine of cancer," Garland said.
which link together these disjoined appearances" is the only means by which the imagination can "fill up this interval" (Essays II.