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Divide matrix [DELTA]F using standard way to disjoined lxl-blocks [DELTA][B.sub.tp], t, p = [bar.1,[m/l]], where t, p correspond according to number of block arrow, column in [DELTA]F.
Palestinian news stories are often disconnected, disjoined news items with seemingly no relation to other news items.
This, along with Gaza, divides "Palestine" into three disjoined bodies making it impossible to establish a viable Palestinian state.
On these points Gardner's analysis overlaps with Chute's in part because they are points that provoke a reconsideration of the intersection of comics and other modes of writing; points, that is, at which graphic writing connects to and is disjoined from literature.
Let A and B be disjoined sets in N, such that A [union] B = N.
I'm finding success in helping boomers to put their many disjoined pieces into one plan."
Currently the SME's efforts are disjoined and characterised by duplication and lack of coordination, they feel.
Chinese consumers often relate this type of products with better safety and efficacy although what they expect and what they actually get might be disjoined.
The ACC program has the potential to transform Colorado's delivery system from a disjoined fee-for-service provider-centered model to a more coordinated, effective, client-centered model while achieving cost savings.
For as Hagglund states, "the temporal can never be in itself, but is always disjoined between being no longer and being not yet." (59) Hagglund's description leaves no room for a static authentic indigenous self that exists only in relation to a static non-indigenous identity.
Yakubovich recognizes the "disjoined syntax" of the unemended text but sees a "similar syntactic pattern" in the following paragraph of the Laws, implying that the one justifies the other (p.
Freephone PHIL NEVILLE believes Everton are still on the verge of great things despite their disjoined campaign - and wants a win against Wigan to continue erasing the negativity that has hampered the club since January.