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Again, the macroscopic manifestation of van der Waals forces appears as a disjoining pressure term in the governing equations.
If there is always an economy of violence, decisions of just cannot be a matter of choosing what is nonviolent" ("The Necessity of Discrimination: Disjoining Derrida and Levinas," Diacritics 34, no.
In contrast, disjoining X-Y is always the most economical method of decreasing the content of Y to that of X.
3) Martin Hagglund, "The Necessity of Discrimination: Disjoining Derrida and Levinas," diacritics, 34:1 (2004), 47.
We must not "nail our colors too firmly to this post-modernist mast, disjoining the texts from any authorial voice" (2009, 278).
Moreover, the destruction of the dimensions of self-structure results in disunion, or disjoining of its interrelated dimensions.
Again, I am suspicious of the author's way of disjoining pragmatism from metaphysics.
There are also chapters on topics not usually covered in tribology texts but which become important at the small scale, such as capillary condensation, disjoining pressure, contact electrification, and molecular slippage at interfaces.
Measurement of Critical Disjoining Pressure for Dewetting of Solid Surfaces".
Related Among external things, the five watchful imaginations, Reason, joining or disjoining, frames-- cell To match such dream But with addition strange into the mind Waking on the world let fall From either eye, and crystal sluice, the field roof forth wheels Shot parallel to the Earth landskip Of Paradise bowed fit lute Circle without end.
The scholarship that Pappe presents us with demonstrates, like most serious and ardent endeavors, the particularly adamant nature of facts and their significant importance to divulge the disjoining line between the partiality of partisans and disinterestedness of intellectuals.