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2k+1] are disjoint perfect matchings, and after removing them we have a complete graph on A and a graph on B, which are disjoint.
a set of [n/2] disjoint edges, from K(P), the resulting graph still has a perfect matching.
They also proved that disjoint union of non-isomorphic copies of fans and ladders are cycle-supermagic.
1] then distinct points of X have disjoint vg-closures.
Then E is infinite-dimensional if and only if there exists a positive disjoint sequence ([x.
1] can be expressed as a disjoint union of a class C of countably infinite sets, the cardinality of C being [[omega].
Then C and Fr(O) are disjoint closed sets and by Urysohn's lemma, there exists a continuous function f: (X,T) [right arrow]([0, 1],S) such that f(C) = 0 and f(Fr(O)) = 1.
A "literature intervention" is here taken to be a published literature analysis or bibliometric analysis that attempts to introduce new connections and citations that cut across specialties in order to connect disjoint parts of the existing network.
Wang, Covering vertices of a graph by k disjoint cycles, Discrete Math.
The impact of DiffServ on these optimal disjoint paths in terms of performance metrics is the main source of motivation behind this research.
n] y of X there exists disjoint v--open sets G and H such that G containing x but not y and H containing y but not x.
In [8], Li and Li investigated the complexity of determining the generalized connectivity and derived that for any fixed integer k [greater than or equal to] 2, given a graph G and a subset S of V(G), deciding whether there are k internally disjoint trees connecting S, namely deciding whether k(S) [greater than or equal to] k, is NP- complete.