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Islahi always tries to comprehend Quranic verses not disjointedly but in a coherent way.
This new clubhouse has some of the old world charm intact, albeit disjointedly, such as the overflowing cupboard of curios, rugs, plants and baroque paintings.
Mamadou Badiane's concluding essay, "Leopold Sedar Senghor and Nicolas Guillen: Two Poets of Hybridization," explores how both the poetics and the poetry of these two Cuban poets depart from this biocultural arena to reach--through the conceptual composition of hybridization as wrongly lexicalized and disjointedly studied by scholars as Negrismo (Spanish) and Negritude (French)--a breathing space articulated by freedom.
Rossellini, especially in the opening and closing episodes, provides few shots showing both cause and effect, stimulus and response, perceiving subject and perceived object, German and American, but chooses instead to supply the first term and then, disjointedly, the second.
When Lopez first discovers him on the LA streets, he's playing a two-string violin while rambling disjointedly about Beethoven, God and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
We started very disjointedly, but exerted a lot of pressure in the second half.
He chose to learn how to focus his energy on the priority of each present moment rather than squandering it disjointedly among a jumble of competing priorities.
The account of Jezebel's three decades in Israel is related disjointedly in several passages scattered throughout Kings.
The Chiricahua and Peloncillo mountains of southeastern Arizona form part of the Madrean "sky islands"--isolated ranges that extend disjointedly north from their center in the Sierra Madre of Mexico.
She concludes her study with a look at the variety of concerns involved in the Council of Trent's formalization of Catholic practice, and shows that much of the Council's doctrine was formulated disjointedly, often in explicit response to the criticisms of reformers.
system emerged disjointedly a half-century ago in response to conditions vastly different from those faced by 21st century Americans.