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If, as Richard Kearney is the first to point out, the disjointedness of our contemporary world is in large measure due to a human condition bounded by the inexplicable quality of that which brings us before extreme and apparently inexplicable situations, namely God, death, radical otherness, we at the same time belong to a postmodern context in which the disarray is partly of our own making, the disarray of relentless and ever more rapid change, of an even greater threat of biological, chemical or nuclear means of mass destruction.
Uneasy tempo changes, a general disjointedness and too many ideas made some songs an endurance test - Diplomat's Son was the longest offender.
I feel young readers, the target audience for this book, would become distracted by the disjointedness and perhaps not persist with the story.
Seale compounds the problem when, in her attempt to explain Shihab Nye's poetry, she states that "one of the charms of Nye's gift is her wisdom rising out of the disjointedness which--the reader comes to realize--she has taken pains to create" (312).
However, Teeny's arm was larger than Martins's, a discrepancy that contributes to the figure's odd, Ingres-like disjointedness.
It might have been better to release it as a collection of short stories with a migration theme and play on the disjointedness of it, rather than the current state where it's neither a collection of punchy memorable shorts nor a powerful long narrative.
Finally, a deposition's likely admissibility gives attorneys defending the deposition a greater incentive to "urge technical objections" that might otherwise be forgone, increasing the deposition's cost and increasing its disjointedness.
Irwin concludes that the real issue is the US government's failure to properly integrate and coordinate agency resources and efforts, caused primarily by disjointedness of authority and vision at the national strategic level.
Even during redeployment, the effects of the disjointedness continue because the home-station subordinate elements of the CSSB are often deployed with another CSSB.
Any teacher-poet who has read manuscripts for competitions, or screened applicants for prizes or graduate program admissions of the last ten years, can recognize, like a tattoo or a piercing, the stigmata of the Dean Young devotee: the breathless acceleration, the wisecracking asides, the spiraling out and in, the disjointedness of development, the Crackerjacks quality of the imagery, which combines beauty, smart-aleckness, irony, vulnerability, and kookiness.
I must admit that the thematic arrangement of the chapters creates the notion of disjointedness in the beginning of the book.