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But because the WHO data is quite dramatically different from the UK data during the majority of the preschool years, the difference guarantees that WHO and UK centile lines will never, ever meet up: there will always be a shift, or 'disjunction', upwards or downwards between them.
Separate regressions were run for each disjunction type (LL, LU, and UU) and for six separate scenarios yielding a total of 18 separate regressions.
The idea behind this definition is that an assignment satisfies the disjunction of two constraints if it satisfies either one of them.
For a given left-matched pair (U, V], let F be a subset of V and F is closed with respect to the infinite disjunction, infinite conjunction and the difference operations of factors.
The join operation of Jacobs and Langen is defined as union, while in the Pos formulation it is disjunction. The set of models for [[Psi].sub.1] [disjunction] [[Psi].sub.2] is the union of the sets of models for [[Psi].sub.1] and [[Psi].sub.2], and hence the operations correspond because of the isomorphism between models and elements of the sharing description.
We mean by "o": conjunction, disjunction, exclusive disjunction, Sheffer's stroke, and equivalence.
This paper suggests that logic consists of a collection of propositions and operations of negation, conjunction, disjunction, implication, and equivalence.
Rather, the diction in this poem creates a sense of disjunction too great to traverse, and the result is almost comical and absurd.
Once a state q [element of] [Q.sub.i] is labeled with `T' or `F', transition functions in which q occurs are simplified accordingly; that is, a conjunction with a conjunct `F' is simplified to `F' and a disjunction with a disjunct `T' is simplified to `T'.
Waters's argument engages, of course, the critical discomfort with the disjunction between the unhappy private life Dickens led and the persona he cultivated as the prophet of the middle-class family, a disjunction and a discomfort that have been critical currency since 1941.
1986] or in the equivalent strictness logic with conjunctive properties [Benton 1992b; Jensen 1991) the disjunction describing the pair cannot be expressed, so the only safe description permitted by these analyses is that the if-statement returns a pair where both components may-be defined.
Strong interest in enhancing logic programs by the capability of disjunction emerged in the logic programming, artificial intelligence, and database communities.