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It is true that it can be argued, as Lopez-Astorga (2015a) does, that many cases in which DIR appears to be applied refer to sentences that just seem to be disjunctions, not being actual disjunctions.
Because it can be thought that the human mind usually only identify the Mental Models of the exclusive disjunctions with more than two disjuncts (at least this is what Khemlani & Johnson-Laird's experiments (33) demonstrate), it can be claimed that that is the natural way in which that kind of disjunction is interpreted by people.
The conjunctive normal form (CNF) is a way of simplifying logical formulae to be a conjunction of clauses, where a clause is a disjunction of literals.
It is implausible to think that this assortment of physical types is definable by a single physical property or even a "commensurate" disjunction of a few physical properties.
In sum, the four disjunctions give us beginning points for reestablishing a credible proclamation of the Gospel for these new and global times.
This unpalatable result clearly depends on the assumption that [disyuncion] is truth-functional, so that every disjunction with indeterminate disjuncts is indeterminate.
A switch made at this age could handle not only the disjunction in weight, but also a similar, annoying disjunction in height [see the height and weight centiles in Figure 2].
Here I consider that conjunction and disjunction are commutative connectives.
Also included in Study 2 are disjunctions of two likely (unsurprising) events.
Finally, we show that this result can be extended to arbitrary disjunctions of constraints in [Delta].
A factor h is called the disjunction of factors f and g, denoted by
A distinctive feature of the analyses is that disjunctions of program properties are represented exactly.