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The researchers identify points of tension, contradiction or disjuncture, which the nurses experience as their nursing knowledge and everyday experience is in contrast to regulation and control applied to their work.
BrandBloom, an innovative new research firm developed in the world of academia, is set to correct this disjuncture.
We have a huge dichotomy or disjuncture in perception between what is portrayed here and the reality of contemporary Sri Lanka".
aACoeAs we welcome AfricaaACAOs commendable growth performance, even against the backdrop of global economic turbulence, we cannot lose sight of the disturbing disjuncture between this growth and prevailing social conditions in many of our countries,aACA[yen] the ECA senior official warned.
Part One, "Rhetoric and Discourses", analysis legal rhetoric of international law and the disjuncture between its theoretical frameworks and the way it is practiced.
Although it encourages personal exploration, it also normalizes an often-perceived disjuncture between art and politics in its explicit choice to refrain from politics.
Consistent with their previous works, the authors use explanatory legitimacy theory as their analytic framework with which to analyze the various explanatory theories of and responses to disability, as well they continue to use disjuncture theory to promote a human environment juncture.
One of the main issues the book raises is the cross-cultural translationability of many of the terms frequently used: conjuncture, disjuncture, genealogy, secularism, discourse, paradigm, and so on.
He demonstrates that an investigation of the Colombian government's salt monopoly "allows a close view of the disjuncture between a state's rhetoric and its actions" (p.
The disjuncture between the two chapters reinforces the late nineteenth-century tension between depictions of women as blank canvasses for the projection of male fantasy and as subjects undertaking serious careers.
He foregrounds the disjuncture between on the one hand, formal principles hammered into being when 'knowledge' is bent and broken by political struggle and, on the other, learnt socio-historical rules in terms of which most of us conduct our conscious, and encounter our unconscious lives.