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Since it is not tied to the proprietary systems of a specific storage manufacturer, solid-state disk caches typically have a superior array of configuration options.
These buffers can serve to do part of what disk caches do, namely, prefetch some logical records into memory before they are requested.
According to the company, the system employs a 1-GB hard disk cache, often accesses CD data at 20 times the baseline CD-ROM speed, and serves both UNIX and PC workstations, making the TenXpert a near-universal network appliance.
When using the disk cache function, remember that the default size of this disk cache is 256KB; if we need more, we can specify a larger number.
Disk cache for fast access to current material is matched to scalable archival tape capacity ranging from 20 cartridges to more than 6000 cartridges in the latest LTO 4 format.
Companies can reuse a single external disk cache across the entire networked storage infrastructure.
When the same data is requested again, it is retrieved from hard disk cache.
A disk cache is an area of memory that is set aside to hold data recently read from a disk.
With more than 20 years of experience in mass storage technology, the company's Network Migrator software provides superior data archive functionality while automatically moving data between fast access disk cache technology and Prostor's InfiniVault.
Disk and tape hybrids: Tape libraries are still very much in the picture, and are responding to disk-to-disk's speed by presenting tape library back-ends with fast disk cache front-ends.
The midrange server, TenXpert-4, expands its hard disk cache from 1 to 2 GB, increases CD support from 42 to 168 discs, and adds support for writing CDs over the network to a CD-Recordable (CD-R) drive.
1 of dBASE IV comes with a disk cache program that considerably speeds operations involving reading from or writing to a hard disk -- if your computer has an extra megabyte or two of extended or expanded memory.