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Such outcome was expected because of two reasons, one related with the disk drive mechanism, and other related with the disk cache.
Although in the beginning the modelling of the disk mechanism seemed much more complex than the modelling of the other system components, especially the disk cache, it proved to be a wrong assumption.
A single solid-state disk cache may be leveraged across the entire networked storage infrastructure.
If the disk cache is set to the default setting, and you perform disk intensive operations, the machine may freeze.
These H50 motherboards use four of IBM's 32- bit PowerPC 604e processors and can support up to 3Gb of main memory, which is used as disk cache memory in the Tarpon array.
The TenXpert is a dedicated, standalone, multi-user, CD-ROM network server with a large hard disk cache that offers users of Cygnet's popular id 100 instant, direct network connection and significantly enhances jukebox performance.
For Navigator, go to Edit, choose Preferences, click on Advanced and then the Clear Disk Cache button.
A number of drives now available have a seek time of just over 200 ms; some even boast a seek time of 40 ms with the use of a 256K on-drive disk cache (data buffer) and the Smart-Drive utility included with DOS 6.
Whatever the clock speed of your computer, you will see a difference with the help of a disk cache.
Chatty or bandwidth hungry applications are accelerated using a central disk cache of up to 18 Terabytes.
Device Package Comprising: Computer Hardware; Hard Disk Cache (shelf) - 1 Pc .
VTL performance is scaled by stacking more nodes in parallel; the disk cache can be expanded by simply provisioning more disk space to the InfiniCache(TM) disk cache; and on the back end, physical tape capacity and performance can be added by adding more drives, libraries or media as needed.