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Hagmann and Garcia-Molina [1991] propose a solution to the disk management problem posed by long lived transactions.
Acronis Disk Director Server provides users with powerful partition and hard disk management utilities to ensure that servers are running efficiently.
Disk management is a broad-based term that encompasses quite a few applications and disciplines.
Also is included is an desktop security option with four settings including secure screen lockdown and authenticated Windows Logon, plus the disk management utilities included in KeyDrive II.
StorageTek's D-series systems enable customers to flexibly protect and manage their critical data while reducing disk management resources.
Other features include LAN-free backup software enabling data backups to occur directly to locally attached Dell PowerVault tape systems and an ability to configure the servers with third-party software for data backup, disk management or anti-virus protection.
Features include Image Management, which allows files to be loaded, deleted, renamed, and recovered with ease, and Hard Disk Management for efficient use of hard-disk capacity.
Next time we'll look at some of DOS's other features, including filters, piping, file redirection, and hard disk management.
For the next two years, the services the DCC will receive include 24/7/365 availability to the skilled experts at ATCOM, remote monitoring of business technology systems, remote management and administration of Windows servers and desktops, backup and disk management, email and endpoint antivirus auditing and updates, managed firewall and security services, automated ticketing and preferred customer support queuing, disaster recovery services and business continuity.
For nForce media and communications processors (MCPs), the NVIDIA ForceWare system management tools include desktop overclocking and monitoring utilities for high-speed system performance; unparalleled security and firewall features; NVMixer for configuring audio and speaker environments; and NVIDIA RAID for multiple disk management.