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Indian Prime Minister has also drew dislike of his nations, as only 21 per cent of Indians approved of Modi's handling of Pakistan, the survey found, which has been consistent since 2015, when the research body first asked that question that was the year of Modi's visit to Pakistan to meet Sharif, just weeks after they had met in Paris on the sidelines of climate talks.It is surprising to note that Modi-led government's hardline approach on Kashmir issue has found the approval of 60 per cent.
Actually, dislike is a very mild term in our family.
If they weren't so blinded by their dislike and got to know animals they would realise they are not dumb and unfeeling furballs.
Facebook says no to 'dislike' button but tests 'sad' and 'angry' buttons
There are some people who like Christmas and there are some people who dislike Christmas.
NNA - We dislike utterances leveled at Walid Beik Jumblatt by his critics, minister of Public Health Wael Abou-Faour, commented in a public statement today.
Whether it is an expression of dismay or solidarity, the prospect of a new 'dislike' button is set to be Facebook's most hotly- anticipated new function in years.
"People have asked about the dislike button for many years, probably hundreds of people have asked about this," Mark Zuckerberg told the audience during a Q&A session at Facebook HQ in California recently.
Why Facebook's 'dislike' button might not be what you expect
Facebook's decision to roll out a "Dislike" button to 1.5bn-user social platform met with some "dislikes" from those users, according to a report from Reuters.
FACEBOOK are to add a "dislike" button to their social network, founder Mark Zuckerberg has said.