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Of the higher brow tastes, blues, choral, classical, jazz, musical theater, opera, pop, reggae, rock, and world/international are concurrently disliked by lower class people, and of the lower brow tastes, country, easy listening, and golden oldies are concurrently disliked by higher class people.
Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg are liked by a higher percentage of people and disliked by a lower percentage.
Not so surprisingly, aggressive and socially troubled third- to sixth-graders often believed they were friends with kids who disliked them, the researchers say.
Olsen has a guess as to what's happening: A disliked child may see another child's good social skills and mistakenly believe they are friends.
Gatland claimed that the Welsh players disliked the Irish more than any other team, including England.
nonvaginal activities and intercourse beyond the first time) are also likely to result in a range of subjective judgments by participants, such as whether the activity was liked or disliked.
001, indicating that participants who disliked fat people were more satisfied with their own bodies.
When asked what they disliked about bathing residents with ADRD, CNAs cited examples of aggressive resistance that caused them emotional distress and concern for their physical safety.
Just under a third of those questioned said they thought inheritance tax was unfair, 30 per cent resented having to pay stamp duty when they bought a home and 25 per cent said they most disliked Vat.
Jake Brown disliked the bike racks around Philadelphia's Independence Hall, so one day while eating lunch on a nearby bench he propped up a sign saying "Free Independence Hall" next to him.
Only 4 percent said that they disliked or disliked very much the irradiated sample.
Forty-seven percent said they "dislike or fear" the physical exam itself; 11% dislike initiating discussions or asking embarrassing questions; and nine percent indicated that the breast exam is disliked or feared the most.