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Dexter had spoken of her so slightingly--so rudely, I might almost say--as to suggest he had some strong private reasons for disliking (perhaps for distrusting) this lady.
More than curious that we should agree in disliking Mr.
Nicholas, having carefully copied the address of Mr Squeers, the uncle and nephew issued forth together in quest of that accomplished gentleman; Nicholas firmly persuading himself that he had done his relative great injustice in disliking him at first sight; and Mrs Nickleby being at some pains to inform her daughter that she was sure he was a much more kindly disposed person than he seemed; which, Miss Nickleby dutifully remarked, he might very easily be.
I can understand her disliking Irais, but she must be a perverse creature not to like me.
He had the air of disliking immensely this asking a favour from a stranger.
She had a small flower-garden, for which she had rather an affection; but beyond this no other like or disliking.
But being determined she should NOT dress herself in white, and disliking Mrs.
But say if people start disliking holiday snaps on Facebook?
Class 2 strongly overlaps with Quadrant 3 of Figure 1, with high loadings for disliking all genres excepting classical and easy listening but also for liking classical, easy listening, golden oldies, pop, and rock.
Clippers owner Donald Sterling came in first with 92 percent of respondents admitting to disliking him and next is jailed ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff with 90 percent.
7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Horizon Milling today announced initial findings from its proprietary multi-year research program to understand what drives liking and disliking of whole wheat breads by specific consumer segments at the 2013 International Baking Industry Exposition(IBIE).
You say yourself that you're headstrong like your daughter, so instead of disliking this trait in her, recognise that you're like that too.