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Other reasons of them disliking Christmas are the costs of Christmas (they may be afraid of these costs), the hard work they have to get ready for Christmas; the decisions they have to make of what presents to buy for all their friends, family members, etc.
Indeed, the odds of disliking classical music was more than eight times as high for the least educated respondents as for the best educated ones.
It's relatively common for children to consider as friends classmates who admit disliking them but seem affable on the surface, researchers say.
It's relatively common for children to consider as a friend a classmate who admits disliking them but seems affable on the surface.
Similar proportions of males and females who reported disliking an activity--61% and 66%, respectively--said that they had participated in it more than once (not shown).
Disliking fat people would seem to be self-denigrating among overweight men.
Brits, however, while disliking the French with a passion are at least appreciative of the country's superb cuisine.
Bush, described in The Price of Loyalty, who dislikes arguing with himself, who is profoundly incurious, and who does not encourage his staff to provide him with carefully researched alternatives, disliking the kind of debate that would explore options.
Significantly more children reported disliking, as opposed to liking, being in time out.
Recall of the commercial is associated with liking or disliking the brand.
The Chinese could, of course, have been both racist and ethnocentric - as many Americans, including some Southerners of my acquaintance, have been in modern times - disliking Turks and Burmese for their strange color and hair, and disliking Koreans and Japanese for other reasons.