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If the brake pedal dislodges, the driver may not be able to apply the brakes, increasing the risk of a crash.
It is the second time this year that raiders have attempted to dislodge a cash machine by flooding it with gas and blowing it off the wall.
Kris managed to dislodge the grape from Mrs Musgrave's throat but the panicked pensioner still had problems breathing.
Tap the microphone or earphone in your hand to dislodge dirt stuck in the openings.
Application of heat and pressure during the printer's fixing step pushes molten toner into the paper matrix, which is then difficult to dislodge from the fiber.
Unlike conventional high-frequency, low-impact vibrators, which tend to compact materials and require considerable maintenance, Hopper Hammer is a totally enclosed device that generates discrete impacts to dislodge materials from the sides of hoppers and bins.
When applied with an agitation device, Syon-5 is forced deep into the carpet where it can dislodge contaminants attached to the fibers.
Though he was able to dislodge most of the sandwich, a piece was stuck in his throat.
Extrapolating from their laboratory tests, the researchers theorize that simply walking into a patient's room can dislodge spores that cling to visitors' clothing.
The female arrestee was asked by a female arresting officer to lift her shirt, lower her pants, and rearrange her undergarments to dislodge any contraband that might be concealed.
Once hidden and curled into a spiky ball, it's very difficult to dislodge.