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A council spokesman said: "A coping stone was dislodged at the beach access ramp near Grant's Clock and some others became loose.
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A spokesperson said: "High winds had partially dislodged an 11-metre length of guttering from a building and the guttering was left hanging over a public footpath.
Although the postoperative period was uneventful, the surgical team informed him that there was a dislodged orthodontic appliance in his right cheek that must have occurred during the operation.
09 for Collection of Dislodged Wooden Ma ID:2017_SPDC_47269_1
Eight months into the Mosul offensive, the ISIL militants have been dislodged from all of the city except an enclave along the Western bank of the Tigris river, Iraqi News reported.
DISLODGED digs, dislodge, dodge, dodged, dodges, doge, dogs, geld, gelid, gels, gild, gilded, gilds, glide, glided, glides, goes, gold, legs, lodge, lodged, lodges, loge, logs, ogle, ogled, ogles, slog.
amounting to P552.87 billion dislodged state-owned Development Bank of the Philippines from 7th spot with P535.78 billion while Aboitiz-owned Union Bank of the Philippines' P458.74 billion dislodged Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
If and when the Islamic State is dislodged from Mosul, it is likely to pivot back toward guerrilla warfare and terrorism.
"The force of this caused me to cough and the food was dislodged. Afterwards, I went into the loo to clean up and as soon as I saw my reflection I knew I'd had a close shave.
He expressed sympathies with the dislodged poor families and demanded stern action against those officials involved in this unlawful action based on obvious religious discrimination and rehabilitation of all dislodged families and payment of sufficient compensation for the loss caused to them.