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In a 2017 survey of nurses and vascular access specialists, nearly all respondents reported that their institutions considered IV dislodgement a safety risk.
1 It is characterized by device malfunction due to painless dislodgement of cardiac leads resulting from some form of manipulation by the patient.
The report says that the dislodgement of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has enhanced political risks and created some policy uncertainty.
LAmbre LAA Closure System has the smallest delivery sheath profile currently available on the market and posits a strong fixation mechanism proven clinically to prevent the device from the dislodgement.
For large mussels, maintenance, including byssal thread production to resist dislodgement, seemed to have higher priority than shell growth and condition.
Four scenarios were simulated, which included: hypoglycemia, intradialytic hypotension (IDH), cardiac arrest, and venous needle dislodgement.
This in vitro study confirmed that paste form of adhesive material was more resistant to dislodgement than powder.
No dislodgement of VRC during or after operation and no bleeding from sutureless anastomosis site were noted.
Regarding chest drainage complications, the following was obtained: 5% (5/100) of subcutaneous emphysema--due to the drain being located in the subcutaneous cell tissue; one case (1%) of infection around the drain; five cases (5%) of accidental dislodgement of the tube, requiring re-drainage, and in 5% (5/100) of the patients there were some complications when removing the drain, with small pneumothoraces due to the presence of air in the pleural cavity at the time of the removal; however re-drainage was not required.
Placement of catheter is associated with problems like kinking, knotting, breakage and dislodgement or migration5,6.