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As the latest addition to our MIC* portfolio of enteral feeding solutions, the new MIC* PEG kit not only makes PEG tube placements simpler for gastroenterologists, the product's unique design also reduces the likelihood of dislodgement, saving time for both physicians and patients.
Although dislodgement may occur with active and passive fixation leads, current data show that active fixation reduces the incidence of lead dislodgement.
Accidental dislodgements of endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes were the most common airway incidents as was the case in a previous study by Kapadia et all (16).
In some cases, alternative routes of LV pacing are needed due to constraints of coronary venous anatomy, diaphragmatic stimulation, and late LV lead dislodgements.
Redsense Medical , recently awarded as "Emerging Company of the Year in European Hemodialysis" by Frost & Sullivan, addresses venous needle dislodgement, an issue which can cause serious as well as lethal incidents during hemodialysis.
The Company believes that it has identified the root cause of these dislodgements and, upon approval from the European regulatory agency, intends to modify all existing units of the MGuard Prime EPS in order to improve stent retention and performance.
As the first-ever active fixation left-heart lead for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), the Attain StarFix lead has demonstrated a zero percent chronic dislodgement rate1.
Preventing dislodgement and unscheduled restarts of arterial catheters protects patients against rapid, massive hemorrhaging -- which can happen with accidental disconnection and dislodgement, and which further debilitates ICU patients who are already compromised," said Dr.
To date, physicians report excellent results in everything from discovering lead dislodgements to confirming the effectiveness of prescribed medications.
The most common device-related complications reported involve catheters: kinks, dislodgements and breaks.
StatLock IV catheter securement device for Introcan Safety IV Catheter is the first peripheral IV securement device to be custom-crafted so it locks onto the catheter hub - preventing accidental dislodgements and movement-related complications.