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Lim said then he agreed with the President that the agency had performed dismally.
The hosts should likewise be withdrawn for failing so dismally in their duty of care to protect their guests.
He pointed to the party's economic policies, which "failed dismally and almost destroyed the country".
He said that Pakistan is 5th largest cotton producing country but in value addition our performance is dismally poor.
So far, the EU has failed to act as a whole, and so has failed this test dismally. Thousands of desperate refugees are suffering and dying as a result" Labour MP Diane Abbott "I don't think I've got bad taste.
These staff have been dismally treated and feel that the company really does not value them."
Add to this the fact that awareness of this form of cancer is dismally low in the UAE.
Fifteen years after "The Blair Witch Project," director Eduardo Sanchez makes a lackluster return to found-footage horror with the Bigfoot thriller "Exists." Eschewing the painfully slow-burning suspense and pseudo-realism that helped make "Blair Witch" a sleeper smash and genre touchstone, Sanchez's thoroughly conventional approach here does little to elevate a dismally generic script from frequent collaborator Jamie Nash.
Well, armed with a chainsaw in his hands and a flowerpot upon his head he threatened staff at a local 7-Eleven store and attempted to make them give him all the money in the cash register.However, he failed dismally at this and made his escape only having stolen one fizzy drink.
He lamented that the monthly honoraria of barangay officials "is dismally incapable of feeding and maintaining their families."
CANADA & MEXICO Monarch butterflies returned to Canada in dismally low numbers this summer after being down 80 per cent compared to a typical winter in Mexico.
The caretaker boss had to witness a defensive horror show as the Brewers failed dismally to make up for the 7-1 defeat at the hands of Bristol Rovers.