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The dismantled centrifuges will not be destroyed but stored in Iran under the control of the IAEA.
On the other side, another terrorist group was also killed and six explosives dismantled in Albu Hadeed area.
A recent project conducted by the partners saw two Airbus A310s dismantled in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, with 87% of their components recovered.
It can save time and money to have your large furniture dismantled prior to moving.
"This agreement will not prevent ships from being exported and dismantled on the beaches of India, Bangladesh or Pakistan," lamented Ingvild Jenssen, from the European NGO Platform on Shipbreaking.
But the Environment Agency says it has rigorous controls in place to ensure all the ghost ships are dismantled safely.
The region has dismantled homeless camps for years, but Centre of Hope outreach worker Cindy Nash, said the problem is getting worse.
Such decisions are made based upon the perceived value of the dismantled commodities vs.
For jobs that require a higher reach, a crane is used to hoist the demolition equipment to the roof of the building to be demolished, and the building is dismantled from the top down.
These are dismantled and many of the parts end up in the exchange unit program that is run from our Landshut plant, where 15,000 engines are reconditioned each year to equal to new quality at half the price.
The boilers will remain on the site until the reactors are dismantled. The final reactor dismantling decision will be taken at the appropriate time in the light of the situation at that time.
With an average sea life of 20-25 years, an estimated 500-700 merchant vessels are expected to be dismantled every year for the next 15 years.