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He advised road users to abide by the instructions on the signages and to slow down their vehicles at the stretches during the dismantling work.
If those dates prevail, then shipping out the enriched stock will likely become the long pole in the tent rather than dismantling centrifuges
said it has completed 40 percent of dismantling work and has shifted the volume of its operations in other supply points in its Batangas terminal.
Hopefully, your sofa is tough enough to withstand a second dismantling.
The convention applies to ships flying the flag of the parties - except for warships, ships used by the public authorities for non-commercial government operations, ships of less than 500 GT or ships having operated in internal national waters throughout their lifecycle - as well as to dismantling facilities under their jurisdiction.
Lastly, it is a poignant irony that the vessels in question were originally sought for dismantling at Wallsend, an event that might have averted the catastrophe that has befallen Swan Hunter.
Gallagher said completion of the floor-by-floor dismantling of 130 Liberty Street is set for spring of 2007.
The retail electronics recycling processor will either hand-dismantle these products or sell intact products or components to others for dismantling. Such decisions are made based upon the perceived value of the dismantled commodities vs.
After the top nine floors of the tower were stripped, the excavators were returned to the 10th floor, where workers began dismantling the floors and support columns from the top down.
Automakers are also required to limit and promote the recyclability of their vehicles, and they must make dismantling information available for new vehicles.
The European Commission has given the go-ahead to a plan to dispose of radioactive waster originating from the dismantling of the Hunterston A nuclear power station in Scotland.