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His family will be dismayed that someone is seeking to profit from Robin's death FAMILY FRIEND ON THE PROGRAMME
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs also said that Washington is dismayed at the Israeli government decision to build hundreds of housing units in east Jerusalem, adding that these actions make it more difficult for U.
There were a couple of incidents involving Lescott at Finch Farm in the days after that shocking defeat to Arsenal which dismayed some of his senior colleagues and left Moyes with no other option but to take action.
Stansky concentrates on the first day because his underlying concern is with the use of terror to frighten and dismay and the reaction of those who are frightened and dismayed.
SIR IAN BOTHAM believes that Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is "worse than Saddam Hussein" and is dismayed the country's cricket team has not been banned.
I was shocked and dismayed to see Andrew Sullivan lauded as a "Thought Leader" who makes "queer lives better" [January 16].
So I am dismayed by the very "Protestant" tone of your magazine.
Without naming names, the report is critical of federal officials who were "less than responsive" and says the subcommittee "is dismayed that there remains a lack of willingness to examine legitimate issues.
When she discovers that Cortez and his Spanish conquistadors are just as barbaric, she is disgusted and dismayed to find herself identified with her people's conquerors.
I am dismayed and offended that your article about the child sex trade in Thailand ("Childhood's End," SN: 9/24/05, p.
spokesman said Annan was ''greatly dismayed by the violent incidents today in Kufa and other locations in Iraq.