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Having said that, his skepticism and materialism push him to do us the service of correcting the historical record: "Long the conventional explanation, the human tidal-wave theory was abandoned in the early years of the last century, however, as new scholarship revealed the first Arab armies to have been dismayingly small--a few thousand at most to conquer Graeco-Roman Syria and fewer than twelve thousand, probably, to occupy Iran.
Those F1 groupies are undoubtedly fit but, dismayingly, their kit stays resolutely on, which is ludicrous.
FAILED to go a yard, fell at the second and fell at the third - the fates of the feature-race favourites last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were dismayingly anti-climactic, but they do help to underscore the achievements of this season's undisputed leading light.
And, dismayingly, the Jury Theorem works in reverse.
forces should take to heart as they review the outcomes of operations in Iraq--many of which also include a dismayingly high tolerance for noncombatant suffering.
In the high desert, the first frost can come dismayingly early, when nights are clear and the mountain air is crisp.
If the grass is tall and dry, roll-out distances can be astonishingly short (and takeoff distances will be dismayingly longer).
That author's biography remains to be written; Lewis's version, saturated in personal animosity, offers dismayingly little support for such an assessment.
But the figure is below the national average in the North West at 35 and falls to a dismayingly low 23 in the North East.
Dismayingly, The Sunday Times just did a shrill story about how intrusive it was, the idiots.
an assistant secretary of education in the Reagan administration and longtime charter supporter, agreed the scores "'are low, dismayingly low.