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Those F1 groupies are undoubtedly fit but, dismayingly, their kit stays resolutely on, which is ludicrous.
Getting a fix on future value of digital content is hard in part because the technologies that make it so easy to consume digital content also make it dismayingly easy to create it, to distribute it widely, to appropriate content, change it, and create more, replicating this cycle and accelerating the growth of content.
FAILED to go a yard, fell at the second and fell at the third - the fates of the feature-race favourites last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were dismayingly anti-climactic, but they do help to underscore the achievements of this season's undisputed leading light.
forces should take to heart as they review the outcomes of operations in Iraq--many of which also include a dismayingly high tolerance for noncombatant suffering.
Recent events at Duke University provide dismayingly up-to-the-minute evidence of the ongoing applicability of Cooper's observations.
I found the journal dismayingly snide, regularly punctuated by sarcasm, self-congratulation, and nastiness, all parading as reverence for true science.
Yet the promise of colorful callas was dismayingly dashed.
That author's biography remains to be written; Lewis's version, saturated in personal animosity, offers dismayingly little support for such an assessment.
But the figure is below the national average in the North West at 35 and falls to a dismayingly low 23 in the North East.
The percentage of those who have learned not to confuse orders of abstraction, not only in the total world population but among world leaders, is dismayingly small.
Dismayingly, The Sunday Times just did a shrill story about how intrusive it was, the idiots.
an assistant secretary of education in the Reagan administration and longtime charter supporter, agreed the scores "'are low, dismayingly low.