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After stabbing Miss Burke on Saturday, Santos left her body in the bathroom and went to a party, returning to dismember her the next day, it is claimed.
In cutting up all manner of small Birds, it is proper to say, Thigh them; as thigh that Woodcock, thigh that Pidgeon; but as to others say; Mince that Plover, Wing that Quail, and Wing that Partridg, Allay that Pheasant, Untach that Curlew, Unjoint that Bittern, Disfigure that Peacock, Display that Crane, Dismember that Hern, Unbrace that Mallard, Frust that chicken, Spoil that Hen, Sauce that Capon, Lift that Swan, Rear that Goose, Tire that Egg.
com/kim-wall-murder-police-find-saw-peter-madsen-potentially-used-dismember-journalist-2600680) A saw was also found in October that authorities believed Madsen used to dismember Wall's body.
He told the jury he decided to dismember the teenager hours after he had killed her in the early hours of the following day.
Jakaya Kikwete: UN human rights chief Navi Pillay condemned Tuesday attacks on albinos in Tanzania by gangs collecting body parts for witchcraft who kill or dismember their victims, including babies and young children.