dismissal of charges

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Update from Joint Command Conference: PNP will move to reconsider dismissal of charges versus Peter Lim and Kerwin Espinosa," Roque said.
Edcel Lagman said the dismissal of charges against Espinosa and Lim demonstrated the administration's policy of selectiveness in implementing the law.
While the groups focus mostly on Tola, a prominent labour rights activist, they also urged the dismissal of charges for his ostensible 'co-defendants', activist monk But Buntenh and media advocate Pa Nguon Teang.
Attorney-general Costas Clerides later described the ruling as a dismissal of charges rather than an acquittal.
Judge John Foradora denied Sanduskys requests for a new trial or for dismissal of charges.
The dismissal of charges has implications not just for Hernandez's reputation but for his estate as well.
Tuesday's dismissal of charges against the activists clears up a twist in Texas Republican's ongoing fight against the women's health organization, but Planned Parenthood officials said the charges were dismissed on a technicality and not because the activists are innocent.
Moreover, in December 2014, radio anchor Aida Seoudy was temporarily suspended after criticising the dismissal of charges against Mubarak during her show.
However, Dousa on Sunday rejected the request submitted by the head of Abu Issa and Madani defence team, Omer Abdel-Aati, demanding dismissal of charges.
Grand jury dismissal of charges against police officers in the July 17, 2014, chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York has returned racism to the forefront of the American political debate.
Judge Mahmoud al-Rashidi told the court that the dismissal of charges did not absolve the disgraced politician of the 1/2corruption[c] and 1/2weakness[c] of the latter years of his 29-year rule and praised the January 2011 uprising, saying that its goals of freedom and social justice were justified.
It makes no difference that they were unable to dot the "I"s and cross the "T"s, the result was "the removal of a burden, charge, responsibility, duty, or blame imposed by law; a clearance from blame or dismissal of charges.