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Considered accordingly, an invasion of Oahu was easily dismissible from a resource perspective.
While most of these are easily dismissible, some of them hold great promise.
As costly as it has been, one thing is for sure, the old Middle East paradigm, of powerful elites backed by formidable allies, oppressing weak, dismissible peoples, is unlikely to be resurrected.
Budgetary issues such as the affordability of having committee members testify in court and the costs associated with prolonging otherwise dismissible petitions, should be considered when making changes to the statute.
But while Stockhausen's tone-deafness was bewildering and indefensible, his comment was not entirely dismissible.
Nowhere near the cavalier finesse of a Great Houdini, his comportment is quite comprehensively naturalized in the dismissible demotic terms of the stereotypical negative male ethos: self-absorption, pretense, dilettantism, vanity, vagueness, idle curiosity, reticence, forgetfulness, indolence, carelessness, lack of imagination, and general ineffectuality.
While this is hardly the only explanation of why the regulatory agencies performed poorly during the build up to the crisis, it is not a reason that is easily dismissible.
This is and always has been a dismissible offence in my business and there are reminder notices in every one of my staff rooms reminding employees of this policy as well as the employee handbook.
These small, dismissible and seemingly naive gestures retain efficiency in their lack of ambition and may even be more noticeable, thus more meaningful, than the usual grand gestures found in a lot of public art.
The atrocity stories in those books were dismissible by the Ostrich Left as regrettable but understandable security excesses, like the American prison camps in Guantanamo Bay: After all, they must have done something to be locked up, right?
Per Israeli calculations, Arab peoples are dismissible.