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But I was certainly one of the party when we came upon an old beggar-man cutting sticks, at whose feet the lion made a profound obeisance, Sylvie and Bruno at the same moment dismounting, and leaping in to the arms of their father.
Louis took the bridle: the officer held the stirrup without dismounting, and asked his majesty's orders in a low voice.
He took advantage of the pretext of securing the horse to draw near them, and dismounting, walked between the two horses he led; he did not lose a single word or gesture of the lovers.
Stuart waited to receive him; no sooner had he come up, than, dismounting and throwing his arms around the neck of Mr.
Another order was given; there was a noise of dismounting, and a tall officer with cocked hat, a grey imperial, and a paper in his hand appeared in the gap that was the gate of the Paradise of Thieves.
If we were within range," sighed the sportsman, "I should amuse myself with dismounting a few of them.
Fouquet hurled far from him, into the river, the two pistols D'Artagnan might have seized, and dismounting from his horse - "I am your prisoner, monsieur," said he; "will you take my arm, for I see you are ready to faint?
So the brother arose and went and looked, and he said, "I see below a score of stout men-at-arms and a knight just dismounting from his horse.
At the same moment Kar Komak leaped with bare hands clawing at the leg of another of the huge riders; the balance of the horde raced in to close quarters, dismounting the better to wield their favourite long-swords; the Dusarian fliers touched the soft carpet of the ochre-clad sea-bottom, disgorging fifty fighting men from their bowels; and into the swirling sea of cutting, slashing swords sprang Komal, the great banth.
Dismounting, he quickly climbed into the tree, where he could obtain a view of all its branches.
Do not use wheel hubs, machine tracks or door handles for mounting and dismounting.

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