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DISOBEDIENCE. The want of submission to the orders of a superior.
     2. In the army, disobedience is a misdemeanor.
     3. For disobedience to parents, children may be punished; and apprentices may be imprisoned for disobedience to the lawful commands of their master. Vide Correction.

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her mother told her to move and she disobediently refused,' Mr Williams added.
Behavioural evidence is more objective, and it is remarkable how many men disobediently joined the ranks as soon as Lucan approved the order.
What is revealed to the child as he emerges disobediently from his bedroom?
Nancy, running around disobediently while Dad put out the decoys.
The sales particulars make a good read: 'He had undutifully and disobediently demeaned himself to his father and extravagantly, prodigally and profusely spend and wasted much of his estate.
Unlike many Anglo-American parents, who prefer to keep up a conflict-free public image, Latino parents who observe their children acting disobediently or disrespectfully in public are likely to respond immediately and in public--placing them at greater risk for reports to child protection authorities (Fontes, 2000b).