disobey the law

References in classic literature ?
To fight, that was to disobey the law, that was to risk his head, that was to make at one blow an enemy of a minister more powerful than the king himself.
Till the fear of law is put in the mind of these collectors, they will continue to disobey the law," the bench, headed by Justice A.
The hierarchy claims that Catholics will be forced to either disobey the law or violate their consciences.
And it has threatened "tougher enforcement powers" for police and local authorities to deal with retailers who disobey the law.
Only when, or until, hunting is banned - and the princes choose to disobey the law - will the anti-hunt brigade be entitled to pillory them.
At another rally on April 26, 2002, at Ambon's Al-Fatah Grand Mosque, attended by about 3,000 Muslims, Jafar gave a ''fiery speech'' that security personnel viewed as a provocation for the Muslims to engage in violence and to disobey the law.
We would disobey the law we object to and not any other,' said Mr Presland.
His speech at the rally to thousands of Muslims gathered at Ambon's Al-Fatah Grand Mosque was viewed by authorities as a provocation for them to engage in violence and to disobey the law.
Corporate affairs manager for Travel Coventry Stuart Henry said: "These two prosecutions are the latest in a long line of action we are taking against those who continue to disobey the law and the transport regulations.
It's not exactly a vote of confidence: Even before the Real ID Act was approved by Congress, states across the country threatened to disobey the law and to file legal challenges against it.