disobey the law

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To fight, that was to disobey the law, that was to risk his head, that was to make at one blow an enemy of a minister more powerful than the king himself.
"My prognosis is that people will be forced to disobey the law [against habal-habals]," Osmentildea said.
He said the poor and rich were on same page for the government and no one was allowed to disobey the law.
Rights body Adhoc's spokesperson Soeung Senkarona said transnational crimes in the Kingdom keep increasing and that more people disobey the law despite the authorities having implemented sound regulations along the borders.
If we multiply that with P6,000, it is equated with a huge amount of money and employers will think twice whether they will disobey the law or not," Dooc added.
He also wrote that firm action will be taken against miscreants who disobey the law.
The court accepted the plea that 'a person meeting with an accident involving a car without a registration number cannot bring a claim against it; due to the absence of any identification mark, the vehicle's ownership cannot be known and citizens get the message that if a dignitary could disobey the law and get away with it, so could they'.
The police chief said there is no reason for them disobey the law and to slack on the job, given that the government has been consistently providing them equipment and resources needed to effectively carry out their jobs.
"Let nobody think that they can disobey the law and get away with it.
Charges against the society included disrespecting the Constitution, supporting terrorists, seeking foreign intervention in domestic affairs, disrespecting judicial authority, using religion in politics, misusing places of worship to carry out political activities and inciting people to disobey the law.
Unfortunately, even with these increased penalties, we still have drivers who disobey the law, Gov.
If anyone tries to disobey the law, he will be shot at." Virk said 28 companies of paramilitary forces, along with Haryana Police personnel, have been deployed in Rohtak.