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Counsel for Kumar, Muhib Jan Salarzai, told the court that it had directed the KP speaker to administer oath to Baldev, but the order was disobeyed.
I am well aware that the judiciary plays a critical role in our country and I have never disobeyed any court order once brought to my attention," he said.
If everyone did the same thing -- disobeyed the law and refused to face the consequences of his disobedience -- then the society would, in fact, be destroyed, because its institutions rely on a daily-renewable contract between the citizen and the state; to ignore the decisions reached by the institutions is to destroy the statefor your part.
Imran Khan has paid the bills of all meters and this is how, he himself disobeyed his civil disobedience movement, he added.
However, the man disobeyed their orders and raced away.
Very sorry that he had disobeyed his mother's warning, Davey cried for help from God, and help arrived in the form of Friendly Fish, a large blue fish who agreed to transport Davey back to his riverbank starting point.
He explained: "When they said I had a commendation, I thought it would be bizarre if it was because of that day when I disobeyed an order.
I have never disobeyed my husband so how can I disobey the President?
Tyrone Woods disobeyed the others to stand down in order to help his fellow Americans; as a result he paid with his life.
Aitzaz Ahsan said the charge framed on 13th February, 2012 was that he flouted, disregarded and disobeyed the direction of the court.
Maldives: Group of policemen in the Maldives disobeyed orders and joined anti-government protesters on Tuesday in what the president s office described as a "mutiny".
It read: "Five police officers were given written warnings after the IPCC independent investigation found four constables had disobeyed orders from the police control room to stop the pursuit of Mr Lewis.