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Zachary Serrett, 25, of Carbondale, cited for disobeying a traffic control device.
Administrative protocols against the drivers for earlier disobeying have been developed.
Al Ain Appeal Court upheld an earlier ruling by the Court of First Instance, which sentenced the Emirati man to two years and eight months in jail for endangering lives, assaulting a public official, drifting stunts, concealing his number plate and disobeying orders from a police officer.
Motorists are often fined for disobeying the Highway Code, so why not fine pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooter/wheelchair users who also disobey?
Davey" is the exciting story of a boy who fell asleep on a riverbank after disobeying his mother and climbing a tree nearby.
AMANDA "BILLYROCK" JOHNSON: The self-proclaimed anarchist, blogger and Free State poster girl pleads guilty in Laconia to disobeying a police officer after being charged with resisting arrest, disobeying an officer and having an open container of alcohol in her vehicle.
A SOLDIER has been honoured after he saved his comrades' lives in Afghanistan - by disobeying orders.
Obviously, it is not proper for a slave to go against his master by disobeying him or by treating him with disrespect, while his master is witnessing and watching him.
In the appeal of one of the female suspects, she said: "How can I refuse to obey the UAE ruler when I refuse the idea of a woman disobeying her husband?
THE Delhi High Court on Thursday slammed striking Air India ( AI) pilots for willfully disobeying court orders saying that they must call off their agitation immediately, or face contempt action.
Hence the prime minister was tried for disobeying the court and not scandalizing the court.
FIVE police officers involved in a pursuit in which a motorist crashed into a wall and later died have been given written warnings for disobeying orders.