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The King told some eminent Citizens, who applyed to him against it, that they must address themselves to the Houses, that he must not disoblige his Friends; and if it had been in the Power of their Friends, he had gone without Money.
This was representative of the state of things, complained Niles', a situation that victimized American tailors who were then "compelled to take back the clothes made of these goods, or disoblige and lose their customers.
In misrepresenting Ireland, Gerald clearly endeavored to disoblige a specific public, occluding the truth of the territory recently brought under Angevin suzerainty, and, by implication, making the fact of this occlusion accessible only to a chosen group of readers.
On the first page, the narrator expresses disapproval of Miss Frances Ward, who married "to disoblige her family" by connecting herself with a Lieutenant of Marines.