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The high rate of criminal activities is a pointer to the danger of disorderliness on our roads.
Consequently, Edo state is facing a security dilemma which is a reflection of the overt disorderliness witnessed within and amongst the Nigerian leadership and security (Dunn, 2014).
As seen from Table 4, the negative values of the enthalpy, entropy and free energy changes indicate exothermic nature of the processes, decrease in disorderliness and that the adsorption processes is spontaneous and feasible.
The investigation of thermodynamic parameters suggested that the adsorption of Cd (II) ions interaction with PEFA was endothermic and spontaneous and was increasing disorderliness of solute solution interface.
Closer scrutiny of the encrusted surface of Sheila's oil/acrylic paintings reveals that for her each painting is a prolonged instinctive play between chaos and order, between unburdened solids and evaporating voids, as strokes pile upon strokes, adding to the existing disorderliness, waiting to be ordered perhaps through another layer, and then, yet another.
At that tragic period, disorderliness and lawlessness reached the level, as a result of which the country's supreme Council, as the only functioning entity, could not arrange its session in the capital city of Dushanbe and had to hold it in ancient city of Khujand by the initiative of a group of the Council Members.
On the flip side, we witnessed a fair amount of drunken disorderliness as some turned the encampment into a party.
Nonetheless, the implementation Shariah in its present form may be bringing the Muslim countries to the verge of autocratic rule and disorderliness in the name of Islam.
Having experienced moments of silence in our own work, our thoughts resonated with these authors who acknowledged the potential intricacies, complexities and disorderliness of the research process.
Castellvi et al studied baseline depression, anxiety, past history of mood disorders and personality factors (i-e, low self-directedness, fatigability and disorderliness) in a cohort of 204 hepatitis C outpatients.
In their texts mythical allusions and patterns often emphasize and even celebrate disorderliness and complexity of human experience" (94); or, "Conrad and Joyce escape the lure of clear-cut classification, and they do not confine their characters to the role of a pilgrim on an uninterrupted path toward the center" (90).